Tonight I'm gonna dance

baby's first words

mom: say mama
mom: say ma-ma
mom: say it!
baby: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

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me at friends house

friend: so... what do u wanna do
me: idk its ur house
friend: idk ur the guest
me: idk its ur house
My Brother: 'How did you survive that fall?'
Gaston: 'Well, I did a beautiful swan dive, swam home, gave myself a pep talk, brought some new boots, and now my confidence is back to where it should be'

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Amanda Seyfried talking about fainting on the set of Les Miserables.

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I’m the first one to class. Or am I? Am I in the wrong room? I have no idea! I hate the first day of school!

Warning Major Spoiler!




Moment of silence for all the people who will never see this joke because they blocked the word ‘Spoiler’.

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Favorite Celebs | Amy Poehler

Any time you can have perspective about what you have in your life and what you can give, that’s good for your mind and soul. That rush, feeling like I’m doing something besides looking at my phone, or worrying about the next job, or complaining about traffic — that can give you a lot of gratitude

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